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Presentation of Investment Projects from Sevastopol to Private Investors Club

VIDEO: On Sept. 29, 2011, USAID LINC sponsored presentation of three investment projects from Sevastopol to the Startup.UA Club of Private Investors.

If interested in additional information on these and other projects, please contact USAID LINC Investment Project Advisor Anna Gorbenko at +380 94 925 1002, .


Preserving Crimean Tatar Culture in Ukraine

VIDEO: After decades in exile, Crimean Tatars began returning to Ukraine in the late 1980s to reestablish their roots. See how the United States Agency for International Development, through Chemonics implemented programs, is helping the Tatar community preserve their rich cultural heritage and prosper economically through tourism development.

Source: YouTube Chemonics International Channel


The One-Stop Shop

VIDEO: Across Ukraine, One-Stop Shop business permit centers are helping entrepreneurs save time and money, which is helping to ensure more small businesses are able to succeed and thrive.

Source: YouTube Chemonics International Channel


A Community Transformed

VIDEO: See how a small community in Western Ukraine is transformed when local government officials help to attract a large foreign investment from Portugal.

Source: YouTube Chemonics International Channel


Meaningful Ukraine. Korosten

Source: YouTube Securiting Channel


Midterm Assessment of the LINC Project by USAID

VIDEO: Kherson Mayor Volodymyr Saldo meeting USAID Project Management Officer Hanna Bohdanova during her visit to Kherson within the framework of USAID LINC midterm assessment by the agency.

Source: Television & Radio Company VTV Plus