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Investment Promotion


Competition for foreign direct investment will become more intense, given the economic slowdown caused by the global recession. To compete, Ukraine needs to do a better job presenting its assets clearly, organizing them logically, and offering them to investors seeking production efficiencies in these hard economic times. Through the regional competitiveness planning process, we will help partner regions and municipalities identify, organize, prepare, improve, promote, and deliver Ukraine’s competitive assets to investors. Communities want investment that matches their region’s vision of its long-term future, links to multiple resources and assets in the region, adds innovation and value-adding capacity, and complies with a region’s environmental and energy efficiency needs. Through the regional competitiveness planning process, we will help our partners identify and pursue strategic investments with the broadest positive impact for the community.

To support this approach, our advisors lead LINC’s efforts to create and strengthen regional investment promotion agencies (RIPAs) and municipal and regional offices of economic development. We will build local and regional capacity by training investment specialists to promote their region, prepare and organize assets, and close deals. We will use analytical partners to help gather and inventory investment data.

Components of LINC's Foreign Direct Investment Attraction Assistance

1.       FDI Training Program

2.       Seminars on investment attraction for partner cities and regions

3.       Conceptual design of industrial property

4.       Ad hoc consulting assistance to partner cities and regions in investment attraction

5.       Database of investment properties  

6.       National Investment Depot

7.       Partnership on local, regional and national levels

1. FDI Training Program

    • An intensive, interactive, 6-months long professional training for FDI attraction specialists
    • Four 3-day theoretical-practical workshops
    • Nine practical homework assignments
    • A study tour to one of the Czech Republic
    • Final exams: written test to map up knowledge and presentation of an investment prospect to a commission

Various economic analyses, strategic planning methodologies, actions plan preparation, investment product development, basics of marketing and promotion of investment opportunities of the region Read more...

2. Seminars on investment attraction for partner cities and regions


At the local level, LINC's foreign investment capacity building begins during the strategic planning process in each of partner cities or regions. LINC experts ensure that all regions and all new municipalities will list attraction of investment as a high priority by delivering an intense 1- or 2-day seminars for representatives of partner cities and regions, covering topics of investment attraction. LINC also attracts experts in land, investment attraction , competitiveness, etc in the strategic planning proces.

    LINC has delivered such workshops in cities of Saky, Kerch, Bakhchisaray (and the rayon), Sholkino (and the rayon), Teplodar, Odessa and Stakhanov region 

    Learn more about these seminars ...

    3. Conceptual design of industrial property

    • Local government vision of development of local industry, as well as the city territory / agglomeration
    • Pre-feasibility study
    • Risk assessment
    • Visualization- serves as an excellent promotional material, demonstrating vision and commitment of the local government

    Read more..

    4. Ad hoc consulting assistance to partner cities and regions in investment attraction

    • Legal analysis of land regimes / consulting on other land issues
    • Development of investment attraction action plans / marketing action plans / territorial marketing
    • Development of investment road map/ preparation and assistance during investor site visits / communication with an investor
    • Assisting in establishing contacts with the investment attraction bodies on the national level

    Attracting other necessary specialists

     5. Database of investment properties

    • An internet platform for placing information on industrial property
    • An easy and convenient way to promote investment sites
    • Registration allows input data, change information, administer your own account

    About the database...

    6. National Investment Depot  
    Currently the LINC is working on creating the National Investment Depot in cooperation with the National Agency no Investment and Development of Ukraine:

    • A unified National Investment Depot
    • An interactive tool for investors, business and local economic development specialists
    • Modernized databases of investment projects, property, suppliers / GIS
    • A road map for investors - regulations and procedures
    • National and regional levels of information / Priority sectors of economy

    A tender for Depot development is announced...

    More about ...

    7. Partnership on local, regional and national levels       

    • A network of partner-cities (80 partner-cities in all regions of Ukraine)
    • A network of investment attraction specialists
    • Regional Development Agencies (Rivne, Lviv, Chernivtsi, etc)
    • The National Agency on Investment and Development (Invest Ukraine)
    • The National Agency on Investment and Innovations
    • Chambers of commerce, ministries..

    "Local Economic Development" Project results in FDI

      • 140 people passed the FDI training and are certified investment attraction professionals
      • 80 industrial sites identified and placed in the database
      • 8 conceptual designs prepared in 8 cities
      • $ 1.5 billion of investments attracted
      • 70000 new jobs created

    • USAID LINC Contributes to Danube Investment Forum

      November 25-27, 2011, Odesa — USAID LINC Chief of Party Howard Ockman made a presentation at the Danube Investment Forum, speaking on the importance of business development in the region.

    • USAID LINC Launches Ukrainian Strategic Investment All Stars Initiative

      November 23-25, 2011, Irpin, Kyiv Oblast — USAID LINC launched a program of intense professional training and technical assistance in the field of strategic investment promotion for graduates from its former training courses for foreign direct investment professionals.

    • USAID LINC CoP, Advisor Contribute to Kharkiv Economic Forum

      September 30, 2011, Kharkiv — USAID LINC chief of party and investment promotion advisor contributed to the Third International Economic Forum “Innovation, Investment, and Kharkiv Initiatives.”

    • USAID LINC Holds Second Conference on National Investment Portal

      September 27-29, 2011, Odesa — USAID LINC gathered about 100 investment promotion specialists from around Ukraine, including local, regional and national-level authorities, to help them in mastering the Ukrainian Investment Portal, a web-based electronic investment promotion tool (http://investinukraine.com.ua/).

    • USAID LINC-Sponsored Investment Project from Sevastopol Wins on Points at Club of Private Investors Meeting in Kyiv

      September 29, 2011, Sevastopol/Kyiv — One of three Sevastopol-based investment projects sponsored by USAID LINC was scored as the best by about a hundred of business angels who attended a meeting of the Startup.UA Club of Private Investors in Kyiv. A total of 14 projects were presented that evening by their owners.

    • USAID LINC Holds Land-for-Investment Workshop in Poltava

      September 9, 2011, Poltava — USAID LINC carried out a workshop on “Land for Investment: Preparing and Marketing your Product” for about 30 representatives from raions and cities in the Poltava oblast.

    • USAID LINC Presents Concept of Odesa Port Strategic Development

      August 23, 2011, Odesa — USAID LINC presented a concept of strategic development for the Odesa Commercial Sea Port, linked with development of the dry port and development of the city.

    • USAID LINC Trains Poltava Oblast Officers in Use of Investment Portal

      August 23, 2011, Poltava — USAID LINC conducted a training session for investment promotion specialists from local and regional authorities in the use of the Ukrainian Investment Portal, a web-based electronic investment promotion tool developed by USAID LINC.

    • USAID LINC Holds Land-for-Investment Workshop in Ivano-Frankivsk

      July 28, 2011, Ivano-Frankivsk — USAID LINC carried out a workshop on “Land for Investment: Preparing and Marketing your Product” for representatives from raions and cities in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.

    • USAID LINC Trains Sevastopol Companies in Business Planning

      July 25, 2011 — In Sevastopol, USAID LINC delivered training and consultation in business-planning to investment project owners from Sevastopol-based companies. The training was carried out within the framework of USAID LINC assistance to the city in preparation for the Sevastopol Investment Forum.

    • Ukrainian Public Servants Learn Economic Development Practices on Study Tour in Scotland

      June 28 – July 1, 2011 — USAID LINC organized and conducted a study tour to Scotland for a group of Ukrainian local, regional and national-level public servants engaged in economic development matters to learn from the Scottish experience in promoting regional competitiveness and local economic development, and stimulating entrepreneurship and investment.

    • USAID LINC Presents National Investment Portal Beta Version

      May 26-27, 2011 — At a conference in the Kyiv suburb of Irpin, USAID LINC presented a beta version of the National Investment Portal to about 50 investment specialists from economy departments throughout Ukraine.

    • USAID LINC Releases Its Last Group of Certified FDI Professionals

      May 26, 2011 — In the Kyiv suburb of Irpin, USAID LINC carried out a graduation ceremony for participants in the project’s third – and last – cycle of the USAID training program for foreign direct investment (FDI) professionals.

    • USAID LINC Trains Poltava Oblast Public Servants in FDI

      May 11-12, 2011 — In Poltava, USAID LINC conducted a two day workshop to train mayors and officers from oblast and raion state administrations and local governments in the Poltava Oblast in the basics of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction.

    • Trainees of USAID LINC FDI Training Program's Third Cycle Take Exams

      April 20-21, 2011 — The third cycle of the USAID LINC training in foreign direct investment (FDI) concluded in final exams passed by 22 trainees.

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