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Public-Private Partnerships

Multiple opportunities that local strategic planning offers for cooperative use of private and public assets to establish a project beneficial to a locality's economic development. The participation of business in public/private strategic planning creates conditions where a business is more likely to contribute to public goals. The presence of an economic development plan gives a business some assurance that its philanthropy is directed at a project the community values. Contributing to the implementation of an economic strategic plan allows a local business to contribute to the secure future of the very economy from which the business draws its resources. From the locality's point of view, there is rarely sufficient funding to implement the ambitious tasks of a strategic economic plan, so the contribution of the private sector to help implement a locality's strategic plan is extremely attractive.

  • USAID LINC, EEF Conduct Training in PPP

    July 25-27, 2011, Yuzhne, Odesa Oblast — USAID LINC and the East Europe Foundation (EEF) conducted a three-day seminar on “Using the Public-Private Partnership Mechanism for Implementation of Socioeconomic Development Projects” for local government officers of several Ukrainian cities.

  • USAID LINC Hosts PPP Training in Crimea

    Nov. 5, 2010 — The USAID LINC project hosted a training on public-private partnerships (PPP) organized by East Europe Foundation (EEF) in Simferopol. Issues covered by the training included PPP models, opportunities and risks, legal environment and coordination between USAID LINC and EEF. Participants included the project’s stakeholders from various parts of Crimea representing the private and public sectors.