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Investment Project Search


The USAID Local Investment and National Competitiveness Project (LINC) has launched a program, Investment Project Search, which aims at finding sound investment proposals in LINC’s target regions, training participants in investment project preparation and presentation, and introducing them to the investment community.


In each of the target regions, entrepreneurs and established companies will be introduced to the investment world and process of investment project preparation. The main objective of these business events is to promote a greater appreciation of how one might access investment, and ultimately to support increased investment in LINC target regions.

The most successful participants will also receive assistance in establishing business contacts with the investment community.

Goal of the Program

The primary goal of the Investment Project Search program is to promote the development of improved investment literacy within the target business communities. The specific objectives are to:

  • Increase the understanding among those seeking investment on how they might most successfully proceed; and,
  • Present and promote the target business community and their respective investment projects to potential investors.

The Investment Project Search program will inform members of the regional business community on how the investment process works. In addition, through practical training with LINC experts, promising investment projects will be presented in a more professional fashion.

Expected Results

While there can be no guarantee or expectation that investments will result in the short term, it is reasonable to expect that over the medium and longer term, the increased understanding, improved skills on the part of the business community, and introductions with investors will ultimately result in more investment and employment in the regions than would have otherwise been the case.

Thus, the expected results from the program will be:

  • A better understanding of the investment process, how to prepare and deliver an investment presentation, how the investment community is structured, recent developments in the world of investment;
  • Increased opportunities for regional businesses from LINC partner regions to establish relationships with the investment community.

Program Description

The Investment Project Search program will include the following elements:

Step 1. Announcement

The objective will be to attract interest within each of LINC regions for participation. Initially, six program series are planned in six LINC regions. The schedule of announcing these series is as follows:

  • April 2010: Luhansk and Odesa
  • June 2010: Crimea and Sevastopol
  • October 2010: Chernivtsi / Kamyanets-Podilsky
  • October 2010: Kherson

At the time of each announcement, the dates of the subsequent events in the Series will be specified. These events, to be held at approximately one-month intervals, will include: Investment Training, Calls for Applications, Investor Presentation Workshops, Project Selection for Investor Presentations.

Step 2. Investment Training

Approximately one month after each announcement, a one-day training course will be offered. This course will be led by LINC experts in investment training and attraction.

The course contents will include:

  • The different kinds of investment available;
  • Investment bankers and their role in investment attraction;
  • The key features of a properly prepared investment proposal;
  • What investors look for in potential projects;
  • How to prepare and present an investment project;
  • Common pitfalls project owners make in investment presentations – i.e. what to say, what not to say.

The training is open to all and is scheduled as follows:

  • Luhansk – April 29, 2010; Luhansk City Hall; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Odesa – July 8, 2010; Odesa City Hall; 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • AR Crimea – July 13, 2010
  • Sevastopol – July 14, 2010
  • Chernivtsi / Kamyanets-Podilsky – October 2010 (date and venue TBD; please visit this page later or send a request to invest@linc.com.ua)
  • Kherson – October 2010 (date and venue TBD; please visit this page later or send a request to invest@linc.com.ua)

Step 3. Call for Applications

At the conclusion of each Investment Training, participants will be invited to submit an application to present an investment proposal to potential investors. The applicants will be allowed up to 10 days to submit their applications, which should include a draft presentation and be prepared according to the guidelines provided during the Investment Training.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Luhansk Oblast. The application form, and instructions for completing and submitting, can be found here.

The deadline is July 30, 2010; 1700.

All applicants are reminded that NO confidential information nor commercial secrets are to be provided in the application or in any supporting materials or communications with the LINC project. Only information that applicants would be willing to consider public knowledge shall be submitted.

The LINC team will select up to 12 projects for consideration in each series. The principal criterion for selection will be the investment project’s apparent potential interest to the investment community.

The selection panel will be appointed by LINC project management. Project evaluations and the selection procedures will remain confidential.

Step 4. Presentation Workshops

Approximately one month after the Training (Step 2), the owners of up to 12 selected projects will be invited to attend a three-day workshop to be conducted by LINC staff in the respective region.

The project owners will be invited to deliver their draft investment presentations to the LINC team. Over the three days, the project owners will receive specific advice and assistance from the LINC team on improving their presentations.

The next workshops will take place in the Luhansk Oblast from September 7–10, 2010; in the Odesa Oblast from September 14–17; and in Crimea from September 21–24, 2010.

Step 5. Presentations and Selection for Investor Introductions

On the day following the conclusion of the workshops, the project owners will be invited to present their investment proposal to an Expert Panel.

The investment project judged by the Expert Panel to be the potentially most attractive to investors will be introduced by the LINC team to the investment community. The investors to be invited will be those who might be interested in the potential projects.