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Project Description


USAID LINC is an ambitious project of the United States Agency for International Development. Its mission is to help increase competitiveness in cities and economic regions by systematically helping to improve business conditions and practices at both the local and national level. The Project will do so through a number of activities, including: promotion of economic reform at the national level; support for economic development and competitiveness strategic planning efforts in cities and economic regions; alleviation of administrative and regulatory barriers to investment and exports; fostering of investment and public/private partnerships; acceleration of efficient trade integration; and development of a local-level unified property registry, as well as other tasks.

The USAID Local Investment and National Competitiveness (LINC) project aims to assist progressive communities to bring about significant growth in investment and job creation. The project will carry out its activities in close collaboration with government agencies, local enterprises, and potential investors. Resulting changes in economic development of these communities are expected to be of a scale that will positively influence the national competitiveness of Ukraine.

Project Components


Objective: To assist governments at the national, regional, and community level undertake specific improvements to the business enabling environment, and to demonstrate how such improvements can increase investment activity.


Objective: In support of municipal and regional economic strategic plans (Component 1) enhance the competitiveness of industries and enterprises so as to accelerate Ukraine's integration into international markets.


Tasks under Component 1

Task 1-a: Promote Economic Reform at the National Level

LINC Activities:

  • Liaise with relevant government ministries, business associations, NGOs, etc., to encourage policy improvements.

Task 1-b: Support Strategic Planning for Economic Development

LINC Activities:

  • Assist partner municipalities and economic regions form and develop strategic economic plans;
  • Support the implementation of the plans.

Task 1-c: Assist Localities Alleviate Administrative and Regulatory Barriers to Investment

LINC Activities:

  • Create an inventory of key public and privately-owned land parcels;
  • Introduce procedures for community input into land use decisions;
  • Provide skills to enhance investment competitiveness.

Task 1-d: Promote Domestic and Foreign Investment

LINC Activities:

  • Enhance the institutional capacity of national and regional investment promotion and economic development agencies;
  • Develop sustained linkages between the national and regional agencies;
  • Ensure greater availability of information for investors;
  • Assist in the implementation of investment attraction strategies.

Task 1-e: Foster Public Private Partnerships

LINC Activities:

  • Support the formation of public-private partnerships;
  • Raise the private and public sectors' awareness.

Tasks under Component 2

Task 2-a: Encourage Adoption of International Quality and Productivity Standards

LINC Activities:

  • Carry out campaigns to raise awareness of international standards;
  • Assist economic regions in enhancing the competitiveness of their products.

Task 2-b: Sector Competitiveness Enhancements

LINC Activities:

  • Assist in enhancing the competitiveness of dominant or growth-oriented sectors within regions and communities through improvement in the quality and productivity.

Task 2-c: Market Integration through Trade Facilitation

LINC Activities:

  • Produce an assessment of the existing administrative barriers at key customs areas and recommendations on who to overcome them, and assist in the implementation of the recommendations.

Tasks under Component 3

Task 3-a: Improve the Administrative Service System for Businesses

LINC Activities:

  • Assist cities and raions in Crimea in improving their permit-issuing one-stop shops;
  • Ensure greater availability of information on how to obtain permits for undertaking entrepreneurial activities.

Task 3-b: Pilot the Development of a Unified Property Registry

  • Carry out an analysis and identify a credible path for increasing the transparency and efficiency of the land market in Crimea;
  • Undertake activities to implement a pilot unified (synchronized) registry for rights to real estate.

Task 3-c: Enterprise Competitiveness Enhancement

  • Carry out an analysis of Crimean economic sectors for provision of assistance in competitiveness enhancement;
  • Assist in developing linkages between sector participants;
  • Assist in search for partners at domestic and international markets;
  • Assist in the development and implementation of marketing strategies, etc.